Our Services

Pawdicures- Nails trimmed (cut and or dremel).

Luxury Baths- A soothing deep cleansing bath with a luxury conditioner followed by a blow out, brush out, ear cleaning and nail trim.

Puppy Packages- Your puppies intro to grooming; includes a luxury bath, nail trim, ear cleaning & a minor trim of feet face and sanitary areas. Of course lots of cuddles! (This is not a full body cut).

Mini Grooms (Tidy-ups)- A luxury bath , nail trim, ear cleaning & trim of feet face and sanitary areas. (This is not a full body cut).

Full Grooms- Include a luxury bath,  all sanitary trims and a styled haircut of your choice that best suits your furry family member.



Two step dental- Includes a refreshing gel that cleans teeth and around gums with a breath freshening foam to add a nice hint of mint!

Pad and Paw Treatment- A soothing Mega-Tek rebuilding cream that is massaged into all pads to aid in dryness or cracked pads.

Blueberry Facial- A relaxing and cleansing blueberry scrub with brightening complexes massaged in for 1-2 minutes.

Skin & Coat conditioning sprays- A few varieties of coat conditioners and detanglers to help their skin and coats feel and look their best.

Flea & Tick- A long soothing bath to rid your furry family member of unwanted fleas and ticks.

De Skunk- A long cleansing bath that will ease the smell of your furry friend who was sprayed.

Anal Glands- External expressing of the glands.

Pawparazzi- Includes Blueberry facial, Two step dental, Pad and paw treatment, Coat conditioning spray, a bow or bandanna & a photo of your best friend during or after being pampered.